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Experience. Design Innovation In Mobility.

If technology is the heart of today’s cars, UX is the nerve center of their design innovation. We’re paving the way for UX innovation in interiors and exteriors with robust command over automotive experience design.

Dealer Management
Portal UI

Complete interface visual revamp on UX principles for the global
dealership portal of a leading automobile manufacturer, easing
their daily dealer interactions.

Automation Platform
UX & Design

Redefining the user interaction of a supply chain platform,
with a comprehensive Design System to ease UI design and maintain
consistent CX.

Product UI & Front-End

UI design for an app enabling traffic authorities, motorists,
and urban mobility space providers seamlessly interact and transact for parking solutions.

Interface For Urban Mobility
Solutions Platform

Defining the interactions, designing them, and developing the field
management application to help engineers of an asset management company.