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Talkd UX is a powerhouse of tomorrow, functioning as a full-fledged advisory and design agency for technology companies around the world. Driven by the power of ‘Why Not?’, we explore impossibilities to help build modern enterprises focused towards customers and future. We combine design thinking, digital strategy and technology to gear up our clients to transform from product or service-centric to customer-centric.


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Our Way of enabling Human-centric Experiences.

Meet A.P.E

Agile Prototyping of Experiences

APE follows a rapid, iterative approach to generate realtime feedback from users, design and development teams to validate the prototype (app, website, product, and interface) earlier on. This saves a lot of time during the final stage of designing by reducing the amount of changes in the later phases of development.

APE follows a 4-step prototyping approach, giving our team and our client time to experiment. Multiple ideas through visuals, facilitate a clear understanding of the requirement, leading to faster and less expensive designs.

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